An indie Role Playing Game

MeetLight is a fantastic indie RPG, with crafting, farming, building, and a unique spiritual story.

Play as Anna who has just experienced a terrible tragedy and be part of his new life, in the physical world but also in the spirit one.

Run your forge by day, take care of your farm and trade with the villagers then explore the energetical worlds and meet their inhabitants at night ! 

Have fun in a relaxing open-world 3D landscape !








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Game Videos

 «Who is the MeetLight team ? »
The team behind MeetLight is composed of only two people for now, Kevin and Coralie.
Kevin is the programmer, game designer and animator. And Coralie is the 3D Artist, in charge of charadesign, textures, and Social networks. Yes, as you probably know, in small independent studios, each one has many roles ;).

«Can you tell us a little bit more ? I like to know more about the team behind the game that I liked and support»
Kevin has been passionate about Video games since childhood  and started programming when he was teenager. He discovered Unreal and all these possibilities some years ago. Head full of ideas, the time is come to create his own games!
From her side, initially Coralie is a landscape engineer, then she moved more particularly towards the fields of illustration and especially 3d. She still creates landscapes and gardens, but in games 🙂

Gameplay overview

Crafting : 
Learn how to use your hands and become the new blacksmith, but also cultivate your garden, chop and stock wood for winter and forging, craft tools, furniture, and sell the excess to villagers.

Housing :
Become a master carpenter and build your new dream home wall after wall with our powerful construction system, then furnish and decorate it.

Quests and aventure :
Take part in the life of the village, your new abilities will undoubtedly allow you to help and meet people through hundreds of quests. The quests will take place in the physical world but also in the energy world, expect to be surprised.

Spirituality :
Fiction or reality for you, nowadays, more and more people wonder about the afterlife and out of body experiences. Meetlight will dig into the subject and try to answer the big questions with lightness and ease but depth, by relying on the wisdom of ancient cultures and the experience of present-day out-of-body experiencers.

If you like to keep your mind open, to think about your way of seeing and living your life, but always lightly and without taking yourself too seriously, you’ve come to the right place. Because we can talk about anything as long as we have fun!


Most frequent questions and answers

Of course,  you’re going to play Anna, the protagonist of the game, who lives the perfect love with her half. Unfortunately, he dies of a devastating illness. Anna is distraught. Everything in their apartment reminds her of the absence of the one she loves. She doesn’t belong here anymore, if she doesn’t want to sink, she must get away from all her memories and try to make a new start, far from the hustle and bustle of the city and technology.

She then decides to go to the countryside, to her uncle’s old house which she inherited a few years ago. This is where the adventure begins…

You’ll have to wait for the sequel, no spoilers here 😉 

Yes definitely, but in a second time. We will first release the game fully on PC via Steam. Then we will work on releasing the game on console, so be patient 🙂

We are thinking about the possibility of making a co-op mode for 2 players. Each player will have a different role and skills to stick with the story. We won’t tell you more since it remains at the project stage until we have the kickstarter results, but it would greatly enrich the game, one playing as a “spirit” and the other as Anna , human incarnate.
Multiplayer requires a lot of additional work, we will have to recode a good part of the game, adapt the quests… That will need a substantial budget, which is why we started on a single player game. But we admit that we always have difficulties for us to find co-op games to play at two, so if we have the possibility, we will go for it. In any case, the more we work on it, the more we think we will work on a co-op mode once the game is officially and fully released in single player mode.

It’s been around year but since there are only two of us and we have to wear several “hats”, we had to learn at the same time on a lot of things, which also takes time to do things well. So if we started from scratch a new game now it would go faster. 

The quests and the story will be very long and promise many dozens of hours of play, not to mention the farming/construction/forge gameplay. That’s why we plan to release the game by chapter. The first chapter should be released in the first half of 2023 and will feature the entire gameplay, the energy world and at least twenty hours of gameplay to solve the quests.

There will be 3 chapters in total, with new maps, quests and craft items, the last one will also contain steampunk, as the uncle of Anna was an advanced engineer and blacksmith. At the end, a huge part of the crafting will be automated with steampunk-ish machines.

The final quest game and gameplay included will have more than a hundred hours of games. This final and complete release is scheduled for the end of 2023.

We will see according to the success of the kickstarter, but for the moment we are fine like that. It’s easiest for creativity and decision-making. Anyway, we’ll take a music composer, an illustrator and maybe others for some missions.
In any case, we are able to finish the final game on our own, that’s for sure. With determination and perseverance, anything is possible. It’s the story and the quests that will be the longest, but also super fun to create. Meetlight promises many more months of work to see the light of day, but it’s an exciting work for us.
Obviously with a bigger team we would finish the game faster, but it would surely be different. And we like to do all by ourself, and known every little part of our game. We’ll see ; )

Press reviews

"MeetLight could be the perfect combo of Valheim and Stardew Valley. If it can make good on the promise of those robust mechanics, it could become a standout in a crowded genre."
Entertainment website
"The moment we saw the gameplay footage, we were amazed by MeetLight‘s world. If you want to relax with lots of birds chirping in the beautiful natural world, MeetLight will be the best option for you"
Gaming news website

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